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Driving Directions

GPS Coordinates for the lodge are N 37° 43.880' W 81° 48.586'

Even with a map, the winding roads of West Virginia can be confusing. Interstate highways are rare in the state, but you can use these highways to get to Charleston (from the north) or Beckley (from the south). Your map can certainly get you to the area and the Hatfield-McCoy Trails, but our directions might make your trip less stressful. You might want to print out our directions and bring them along with your map. If you get lost along the way, do not hesitate to ask for directions, for you will find West Virginians to be both friendly and helpful. Also, feel free to give us a call at (304) 583-6805 if you need additional directions to get here. Have a safe journey and enjoy wild, wonderful West Virginia's country roads.

From the north

If you are coming from the north through Charleston, you will be traveling Route 119 South.

Take the Logan exit off 119, and you will then be on Route 73 (local folks call this highway "the connector"). This is to Route 10, which you will follow all the way to H & W ATV Lodge.

There is a stoplight two miles after the exit--at the light, the left two lanes can turn left. You may want to stay in the middle lane to turn if you are not familiar with the area. Turn left and you will be on a small boulevard that goes through the town of Logan.

Stay in the right lane all the way through Logan. You will pass through several stoplights, but most of them have a through traffic lane on the right. At the end of the boulevard, the road will narrow.

As you leave Logan, you will come upon another stoplight. Turn right at the light--do not go under the underpass; that will take you to Bearwallow.

After that light it is approximately 11 miles to Man. There is a section of new four-lane road at Man with two stoplights. Drive straight through both of them, but you will need to move to the left lane before the second stoplight at the bottom of the hill because the right lane ends.

Once you pass that light, drive four miles, and you will see our sign on the right in front of the lodge.

From the South

If you are coming from the south, you are probably planning (wisely) to travel on the interstate highways. This means you will be arriving in West Virginia via I-77. This is also called the West Virginia Turnpike; this is a toll road, so you will need some change. Take Exit 44 onto Harper Road and WV-3 (west). Unfortunately, that is the end of the interstate highway, and you will be on our country roads.

Continue on WV- 3 until you reach the town of Bolt. At Bolt take WV-99, Bolt Road. This will take you across Bolt Mountain, which is one of our bigger mountains with some sharp turns. However, it also offers a breathtaking view. We do not recommend this route in winter because of the snow that seems to stay on the mountain, but in the summer it is the shortest and fastest route. However, there is a tricky part of this drive. As you start down the mountain, there is a stop sign that seems to come out of nowhere, and you really have to stop here.

Turn left onto WV-85 to continue down the mountain. At the foot of the mountain you come to the town of Kopperston. Kopperston was once a model town for coal mining communities. This was in the 1940s when coal companies built and maintained whole towns. The town still looks very much the same as it did then, but of course, the coal companies sold the houses long ago. Stay on 85 for about 10 miles until you get to Oceana.

When you get to the town of Oceana, follow the signs to WV-10. You will turn right on 10 North and drive through the town. You are now about ten miles from our lodge. The speed limit is 25 in Oceana, and the town is considered a speed trap. As you leave the town, you will start up Huff Mountain. This mountain is not very high, but it does have some very sharp turns.

At the foot of the mountain is the town of Lacoma. There are no side roads to get you off track, so in about four or five miles you will reach Davin. Look for the H & W ATV Lodge on your left. You can pull off right in front of the lodge. We live in the house on the right side of the lodge, and you can come over and ring the bell if you do not see us around.

If you find yourself in the town of Man, that means you missed us four miles back. If you need help, just give us as call and we will help you.

From I-64 (From Northeast and alternative to Beckley route)

If you come via I-64, we have an alternative to coming through Beckley and Rt. 99 over a mountain that has snow and sleet when everyone else has rain. This is the road my family usually takes.

From I-64 take Exit 42, which is the Sophia Exit. This is Route 16, and you stay on it for two or three miles until you get to Route 54. Turn right on 54.

Stay on Route 54 for 12 miles; then you will turn on Route 97. There is a stoplight there, and you take a right.

Stay with Route 97 until you come to Route 10 and make another right. That’s the last route change—the lodge is on Route 10.

After you cross the Logan County line, you’ll find H & W ATV Lodge three miles ahead on the left. If you see Wendy’s, Hardee’s, and Speedway, you missed us. Give us a call, and we’ll talk you in.

Have a safe journey, and we look forward to seeing you.